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Hi Everyone!


My name is Jack Shallow, and I have Down syndrome. With the help of my parents, sisters, and brothers, I started Jacked Up Shirts 321 Apparel Company when I was 14 years old. We are excited to be starting our 6th year of business!

'321' stands for Trisomy 21, which is having a 3rd copy of chromosome 21 & what makes me, well, ME! I guess you can say that I am Jacked UP for DOWN syndrome & I hope you will get Jacked Up with me!

In selling my 321 apparel, I hope to promote acceptance and awareness of people with Down syndrome, and to show the world how NOT different we are. A portion of all sales is donated to different organizations that encourage inclusion and acceptance of people with Down syndrome and other different abilities! So far we have donated over $7,500.

Thank you for checking out my site! I hope you like our  merch! 

Do something kind! :)


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